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Monthly Archives: August 2012

The Sustainable Soiree

Being 'green' and living a sustainable life is not something that I am overly active with but I do like to feel like I do my part (like recycling) even if it is small. When it comes to weddings and events thinking of how to incorporate 'green' elements would have scared me a few years ago…
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10 Things you DONT know about planning a wedding!

Most brides have had their dream wedding in the back of their minds for years, some planning the day from a child, before even meeting your fiancé and some even ogle over wedding details before they have a ring on their finger. So it’s safe to say, we’ve all thought about it, most of us…
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Am I Invited To Your Wedding?

Am I invited to your wedding? This question can make for a very awkward conversation and is something that as a bride and groom to-be you will be asked- probably more than once! We have a few ideas to help you get around this... Get them before they get you One way of getting people…
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