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Thinking about having a signature cocktail?

Why should you have a signature cocktail?

Cos it's so darn fun and cute!

Weddings  are the perfect occasions for doing that little bit extra, something a little bit special. Having a signature cocktail can be just another one of those fun and of course yummy additions that makes your wedding more personal and more enjoyable.



What to serve

You can share a little about yourselves to your guests by serving your favourite cocktail or serve something that will reflect your theme or even colour scheme. Think about having two options with completely different ingredients so that you can cater for different tastes.




When to serve

Signature cocktails are best served at a significant point on your wedding day, this could be straight after your ceremony, when you return from your photos to join your guests or as a toast for your speeches.

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 Most weddings serve only wine, beer and champagne, the signature cocktail is generally a one off and styled differently.


How to serve

Where do I start? Now you have your drink, possibly chosen around your theme or colours you then need to choose an appropriate glass and accessories such as a straw, stirrer or flag. Have fun with the name too, it could be something representative to your natures, your lifestyle or relationship and could be quite comical.

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 You could serve your signature cocktails from a beautifully styled table where your guests can either take a drink, pour one from a dispenser or even follow a recipe to make the drink from scratch. Alternatively you could have wait staff to hand out the drinks which works well straight after the ceremony.