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Pam & Jason’s Lively Hotel Wedding

Pam & Jason were such a delightful couple that were with us for 2 years! We had one change in venue and one child in that time, a delightful little boy who was a big part of the celebrations. Pulling together a seamless wedding was the biggest want the couple had, especially as they had so many extra's added to the schedule such as incredible island dancing and special ceremonies. It was such an amazing wedding to be a part of and to watch unfolding from the sidelines.

"From our first meeting with Becks, we were blown away with her creative flair and professionalism - we clicked with her straight away and knew she was the wedding planner for us. We initially wanted a certain type of reception, which had to completely change due to having a baby - Becks was able to get onto alternatives for us immediately, still keeping in mind the theme we wanted for our day - and of coarse keeping to budget. Roll on two years of planning, random emails about ideas between each other - and we have the most magical day we could have ever imagined.  Our family and friends were so impressed with what our reception looked and felt like - they were definitely wowed! Becks is worth every dollar - and more - and i wouldn’t hesitate recommending her again - in fact, i do it now - anyone that needs help planning their wedding needs to talk to the most amazing, wonderful wedding planner out there!" Pam & Jason


Venue: Heritage Hotel

Florist: Orlando

Photographer: Franklin Photography

Cake: Decor Cakes

Transport: Robbies London Bus

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