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Charlotte & Jame’s Elopement Cocktail Party

I wanted to share with you a story about a couple we helped recently. I want to tell you about them because I know a lot of you may be in the same boat, that is the 'I'm so overwhelmed' or  'Wedding's are so expensive' boat. We recently planned and styled a party for one such couple who got so overwhelmed with the thought of planning a large costly wedding that they decided to elope. They contacted my dear friend Anita from Wedding Travel and got to organising their Fijian elopement. They still had many family and friends that they wanted to celebrate their marriage with though, so that's where we came in and organised a kick-ass celebration. Here is how it went down...

New York Cocktail Party


George & Charlotte originally wanted a wedding before deciding to elope, so the thought of not having all their family and friends there with them was a little unsettling. They didn't want to just throw a regular party on their return either, it had to be more special.
We told them it could be!They got engaged in the wonderful New York City so it was an obvious and very fitting theme for their post-wedding celebration. Our brief was to plan a fun and entertaining cocktail party that incorporated some traditional wedding elements.They had some really specific ideas like George with his authentic American pizza & light up ice cubes and Charlotte's Empire State Building Cake & New York City Posters.

We also wanted to bring in other special elements like fresh flowers, custom straw flags, thank you favours and signature cocktails.
Put all that into a dimly-lit 'New York style loft' venue with music, food and a bunch of your most treasured loved ones and you have a successful party!

To showcase the Fijian nuptials a slideshow of photos ran throughout the evening along with speeches of thanks and congratulations. This was a great way for all the people in their lives to feel like they were a part of the wedding too.

If this sounds like you, we are more than happy to plan or style a fantastic post-wedding celebration for you too. Give us a call on 0210448446 or email us at

Bye! x

Photo Credits: Envy Events & Dillon Photography