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2015 Wedding Trends

Hello 2015! The best part of starting a new year on the blog is talking about the upcoming trends. I have to say weddings right now are pretty great, I am just loving the current trends and if I were to be getting married I cant think of anything better than a rustic glam wedding with white bridesmaids, a floral crown and oh yeah...a food truck!
I'm sure there's a trend or two here for you too. Enjoy.xBecks


Weve been seeing lots of personal elements in weddings lately and in 2015 this is going to get bigger. Couples want the wedding to reflect their personalities and relationship.

Family Style

We are seeing more and more couples wanting to be placed in amoungst their guests on big long rows of tables and served their dinner in large platters. This is such an intimate and personal way to share your day.

Large, Loose & Cascading Bouquets

We are anticipating more loose bouquets and flowers for 2015 with big, open blooms and waterfall foliage. Think country, rustic, wildflower and whimsical looks.

Stylish Grooms

In 2014 the groom started steping up and in 2015 we are expecting more and more grooms in fanciful bowties, colourful suits and funky shoes and sometimes even concerning themselves with wedding planning duties!


We are expecting to see alot of watercolour stationary and perhaps bridesmaids dresses in 2015.


Copper has been creeping up on gold and silver and is set to be a new favourite in 2015 in table decor as well as the hue in stationary too.

Food Trucks

Last year we saw the odd icecream truck turn up at local weddings, this year will see more and more food trucks stocking some of the best comfort foods.


Vintage and rustic are still very much present in 2015 but they will be looking a little bit more glam with a few sparkles and shine thrown in.

White Bridesmaids

Ever since Princess Kate took on the white bridesmaid many others have followed suit and in 2015 we are expecting more.

Floral Crowns

Here's one trend I'm just not going to get sick of and thankfully they are here to stay!


We will be seeing a lot more colour this year, brides will be picking one colour and going hard with it in their weddings or an array of fun bright or rich tones.