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DIY Paper Decorations We LOVE…

I love paper! Always had a slight obsession with stationary and go absolutely ga-ga for patterned scrap booking paper, so am sharing with you today a few of my favourite paper decorations. Most of these can be done at little or no cost. The results can be so effective so consider incorporating paper in your next event...

Recycled Paper Hearts

We love these recycled paper hearts! Such an easy and affordable way to make stunning decorations. You could use fancy patterned paper, pages from old books or magazines to achieve this look.{Recycled Paper Heart}

This 'wallpaper' look is so bright and cherry.

The detail on this bouquet is amazing.{Flower Wallpaper}
{Flower Wall}
{Flower Ball}
{Giant Paper Bouquet}


Paper Flowers

Paper flowers amaze me, they can be so detailed and intricate and add such a whimsical touch. Check out a few favs...

This flower covered wall adds such lovely texture to this scene without being a distraction from the contents of the table.

These giant paper flowers make for a really unique bouquet

Paper Decorated Vases

Spice up your vases to further enhanced the beautiful flowers.{Paper Vase}

Tissue Paper Pom Poms

I recently made some of these pom poms and was surprised at how easy (although fiddly) they were.{Tissue Paper Pom Poms}


Confetti Cones

I absolutely love sheet music, this photo shows off how they can be easily made into confetti cones for a vintage look.{Confetti Cones}



Paper Decorated Candles

Like the vases, glass candles can also be decorated with paper to tie in themes. You can also use cut-out paper wrapped around the candle holder which sends off lovely patterns of light when lit.{Paper Candle}


Paper Decorated
Guest Book

It's nice to add unique and personal touches like the decoration on this guest book.{Guest Book}

Mexican Paper Flags

These Mexican paper flags would bring such a festive vibe to any event and look great hanging between the trees for a garden wedding.{Mexican Paper Flags}