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Twenty Fourteen Trends- Find out what’s coming in, what’s sticking around and what’s getting bigger!

Some of us embrace the trends, others try to fight  or defy them but lets face it, we are all influenced by them. It seems only right to start the year with a few trends that are either on their way or well and truly here. Now there's a lot of talk about trends at the moment, this is just what we have been seeing with our recent and upcoming brides. Enjoy. x


Backless & Cut-out Gowns {They're Sticking Around}




We saw many designers creating backless gowns or gowns with beautiful cutouts and this year we are happy to report it is here to stay! I am just so happy about this and also insanely jealous that I didn't have a gown like this for my own wedding! What goes well with backless gowns you ask? Why it's...

Floral Crowns {They're Sticking Around}



Brides could not get enough of the floral crowns in 2013 and I'm pretty happy to say (again) there won't be a change there. Expect to see more floral decorations adorning backdrops, arches & chairs to name a few. Your'll be seeing big blooms, lots of foliage and loose arrangements. Now we've discussed one of my favourite wedding delectables (flowers) my other 'food' is up on the chopping block next...

Family Style Feasting {It's Getting Bigger}



Forget the 3 course sit down, the buffet is history, we are talking family style feasting from now on! Expect long tables, laughter in the air and big platters of delicious food plonked right down on your table. Many brides and grooms are looking for a more interactive reception, many opting to sit in amongst their guests. If you're lucky your table will even feature some gawgeous gold cutlery... mmmm gold...

Gold Gold Gold{It's Coming}




Gold has been doing it's best to creep into brides weddings this season and 2014 is going to see it succeed in a mammoth way. Your'll be seeing metallic gold decor hanging above your heads, gold leaf detail on a luscious white cake and candle holders and vases galore.

Big, Bold, Bright & Fun {It's Coming}




Big, bold colours are on their way, some will graciously share with gold in the upstairs apartment but some of these colours are ready to take over and they are gonna par-tae! While some brides are going the more formal route there will be many 2014 brides looking for fun first and foremost. Think lawn games and swing dancing (OK maybe not that one) and most importantly lots of love and laughter.

Mismatched Maids {They're Getting Bigger}



2013 saw tons of great mismatched looks from the ombre shades of a chosen colour to the same fabric in many different styles but in 2014 the mismatch is taking it's name seriously and we are going to be seeing much more of what it can do.

What trend will you be avoiding or caving into for your 2014 wedding?
Let us know in the comments below- we love hearing from you!