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Weeks of Wedding Trends 2013- Week 2- Backdrops

This week we are bringing you another big trend that will soon be a 'must have' for every wedding- the backdrop. Once upon a time there were just gazebos & arches, that's about as creative as backdrops got but now there are so many wonderful ideas coming out we had to share our favourites with you....enjoy!

The old wood panelled backdrop

Get this look by visiting demolition & junk yards and building this backdrop piece by piece. This would work well if you were getting married on your own property- couldn't imagine transporting this being fun!

The lantern backdrop

Lanterns look great inside and out and with a soft breeze these lanterns move graciously to create a really whimsical and romantic backdrop for this wedding. There are lots of affordable lanterns available online which makes this a really budget friendly backdrop.

The open curtain backdrop

There have been a few open curtain style backdrops been done of late and they are perfect for the outdoor wedding, they can also be easily customised with different fabrics & colours & easy to assemble on a basic frame. A handy husband to be may be needed here, but he's got to do something right?

The doorframe backdrop

This is such a unique & beautiful backdrop. Again visit demolition yards to find old doors. I think these would look great together and minus the flowers as well so if you're going for this have a play around at your location to see what works best with the natural surroundings.

The tree curtain backdrop

If you're lucky enough to have a low branch you can hang fabric on for a curtain effect you can transform an ordinary space into a magical one like this beautiful spot below.

The peg backdrop

This cute backdrop was made with what looks like a mega load of pegs and made to create an ombre effect. It even looks like it's on a fold out washing line! Clever.

The garland backdrop

The great thing about garland backdrops is anyone can make a garland (or a couple of hundred of them.) This kid and his sign are just too cute! Google or You Tube tutorials on how to make many kinds of garlands.

The closed curtain backdrop

Closed curtains created such different effects than open ones and are more suitable for indoor use. I love the way this curtain has different shades and patterns and the birds add a finishing touch that really makes this backdrop unforgettable. A simple hanging rod or frame and lengths of fabric make this an easy one for the diy'er.

The aisle runner come backdrop

I just love the look of this aisle runner that looks as though it's rolled off the bar and down the aisle. The special touch being the story written here which makes this possibly the most intimate & personal backdrop featured today.

The paper flower backdrop

Paper flowers are huge right now and are popping up as backdrops everywhere. Using a bright bold colour like this orange shows the details much clearer than white.

The string backdrop

It's amazing what something so small & simple can do. How easy is this backdrop to make?! You could also use ribbons to create a funky backdrop like this. I can imagine ribbons of all type and perhaps hanging jewels or trinkets- hmmm might have to try that!

The paper loop backdrop

I have saved my favorite for last and I am so envious that I didn't think of this idea!  This amazing backdrop is made from...get this, receipt paper! I know, genius! I'm in awe- that's all I can say.