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Weeks of Wedding Trends- Week 3- Birds

The lovely and always cute bird is a big trend for 2013. Check out some great ideas on how to get this look for cheep!

Flag with painted wooden birds



To make a neat flag, buy wooden birds such as these, paint them and drill a hole before adding to the end of your favourite bunting.

Bird favour or confetti bag


Either print your favourite bird image onto your chosen paper or use a bird stamp to turn an ordinary pocket envelope into something like this!

Punched birds hanging


Get this look easy peasy by using a large circle punch and then punch a bird in the centre, hang on a string and your good to go!Try your local spotlight or scrapbooking store for punches.

Bird house centerpiece...and moss!


Love this table decor. What you really need is a handy man to whack up a few bird houses out of some old timber and slice a log up. You can find the moss 😉

Feature Table


Birds like this porcelain clay piece below can double as decor in your home after the wedding.

Table Numbers


We are spoilt for choice when it comes to beautiful papers that we can use in our weddings, how easy would it be to print this design onto a card to match your wedding day decor?

Birds Nests


I know this pic doesn't have any birds in it but when your carrying a theme like this it can be too much if you bird bird bird everywhere so some related items like these nests & eggs work well.