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DIY Tutorial- Glitter Deer

Painting children's plastic figurines has always been quite high on my list of craft loves, glittering them I have found- even more so! I wanted a deer for this project but you could use most figurines in this tutorial.

As the figurine is covered in glitter he is best situated in a place where he isn't going to be handled. For a wedding or party he would look great on a feature table, bar or centerpiece, for the home a mantle or dresser. My deer guarded some very tasty food at a recent party and he is currently looking for a cosy corner to live more permanently.

Check back next week for the feather backdrop tutorial  seen in this photo.

Let's get started!

Step 1: Hunt Deer


So first you'll need to gather your materials and tools. I hunted this guy out at a local dollar store, I'm pretty sure he's a moose but dammit I wanted a deer so deer he shall be! You will also need: Glue (I used PVA), Paintbrush & Glitter of choice

Step 2: Paint that bad boy


If you want to be all proper about it, take to your figurine with some fine sandpaper. If he's smooth this will allow the glue to have something to adhere to. I'm all impatient like and my sandpaper was all the way downstairs in the garage so I slapped my glue straight on, but then again my moose- deer is quite textured.

Step 3: Glitter Glitter Glitter


Sprinkle over the glitter quite heavily and lightly shake off the excess. I did this over a clean sheet of paper so I could funnel the excess back into the glitter bottle. Sorry about the bad photo- I got all impatient again! My technique went glue, glitter, dry, glue, glitter, dry.

Step 4: Finishing Touches


Aw look at him there, he's so handsome! Once your deer is all covered in glitter you may want to seal in that glitter by giving him a light coat of fixing spray or PVA. This won't take the glitter effect away but it will help your boy from moulting so much.
I hope you like my glitter deer tutorial. I'm quite fond of my boy and have grown rather attached, I'm sure you will too!

Becks x