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DIY Tutorial- Pretty Decorated Matchbox Favour Boxes

Sometimes you can't quite find what you're looking for with wedding favors, and sometimes you just want to choose something to make yourself- well this tutorial ticks both those boxes. The best thing is anyone can pull off these cute matchbox favours...and it's always good to have something original! No fancy pant tools or mega bucks needed either. Bonus! Have fun and please comment if you likey!

You'll need:

  • A matchbox. You can buy plain matchboxes from the dollar store or use an old real ones.
  • Decorative paper, you could use magazine paper, wrapping paper or scrapbooking paper like I have here.
  • Embellishments such as ribbons, paper flowers and jewels.
  • A ruler and craft knife, scissors and glue.


Place the matchbox lengthways across paper to measure and cut a strip. You can use the ruler and a pencil to line it out on your paper if you prefer.

Remove middle peice of matchbox and press flat the outside. If it is not sticking well which can happen especially with thicker card, pop it under a few heavy books for a minute.

Wrap the strip right around the matchbox to see where you need to trim. Then ah....trim. I got 3 boxes from one strip- that's cost-effective!

Slide the inside back in to give it stability as your decorating. Wowzer! Arn't they so cute already?

Glue the entire backside of the paper and wrap around the matchbox pressing firmly and ensuring the seam is at the base or bottom edge.

Use your embellishments to decorate. If you have used a plain paper you can go a little more crazy on decorating but as I've got a nice print here I chose simple ribbon, paper flower and jewels.

Fill em up with your favourite treat and place at each place setting for your wedding or next dinner party. Hmmm as an...after... thought, wouldn't a ...after... dinner mint go well with a dinner party? haha no pun intended! Well not originally anyway...

Thanks for reading all the way to the end...You rock!