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10 Things you DONT know about planning a wedding!

Most brides have had their dream wedding in the back of their minds for years, some planning the day from a child, before even meeting your fiancé and some even ogle over wedding details before they have a ring on their finger. So it’s safe to say, we’ve all thought about it, most of us have had friends who have been through it but are we up to date? Not really. This post is all about what you don’t know and unless you work in this industry it’s so hard to keep up with what’s going on. Here are the 10 things you DON’T know about planning a wedding today…

1. You may look back on that and cringe.
There are always trends that seem so amazing now but won’t look so amazing in a decade or so. Be careful not to go too over the top in one trend. At the same time live for the moment and it’s enjoyable now then do it.2. You may not enjoy having quirky different wedding photos twenty years from now
This ties into the first tip, throw in a few traditional shots for your album.

3. No one cares about your wedding as much as you do.
But it’s ok, they’ll let you off on this occasion, just don’t push it too far. 4. It will cost more than you expect.
Costs in weddings change drastically so when your best friend got married 5 years ago for a modest budget you may not be so lucky now. Research well before you make any solid plans. The average NZ wedding costs $35,000.

5. Not every wedding vendor is created equal.
You would hope that everyone that works in this industry is there for love of the job but that's not always the case. Be careful with who you hire as you don’t want an unexperienced vendor not doing their job correctly to ruin your entire day.

6. Thank you cards are a necessity.
It is common courtesy to send a handwritten note when someone gives a gift and is an unfortunate dying art so please revive it.

7. Your wedding will make or break your relationships.
With all the stress that comes with planning your big day, your relationships will either become closer together or be pulled further apart.

8. Everyone will give you their two cents and expect you to implement it.

9. You won’t get the venue you want, the best photographer and every other vendor you want when you want them.
Wedding vendors are getting booked up to two years in advance so in this case the early bird gets the worm so get in asap to select your preferred vendors.

10. Doing it all yourself will save you money.
Sometimes when you try to do it all yourself you end up spending more. All the driving around, the time spent, the wrong purchases all to save yourself a couple of bucks? It’s often not worth it.