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10 traditional, unique and visually stunning ceremony exit/processional ideas

Sometimes there's too many options when it comes to the details in weddings and as with everything there are great points to them all and some not so great. To get some ceremony exit inspiration or narrow down which option best suits your style, venue & budget read the 10 options we've showcased for you today. In no particular order...Enjoy.

#1 Confetti
Confetti is cheap- great, cleaning up is not so great.


#2 Flower Petals
Very pretty and versatile which is great however the cost can be not so great.

rose petals

#3 Bird seed
If your outdoors you may not have to clean up- very great! Not so great is bird-seed hair or bird seed dust.


#4 Rice
Pretty and traditional is great but the clean up? Not so great.


#5 Silly String
Very fun  is great but silly string stuck to your clothing and in your hair- not so.


#6 Ribbon Wands
Great for photos and fun with no clean up but who will make them all?


#7 Fall Leaves
Fall leaves as confetti in Fall, great as it's natural, not so great if they're dirty...or buggy.


#8 Sparklers
Great if your getting married in the evening, not so great for safety in a small or overcrowded space.


#9 Bubbles
Makes for great photos, can not be great when burst over nice clothing.


#10 Balloon Releasing
Exciting and unique so great right? Not so great for the environment.