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24 Examples of Great Table Names for your Wedding

It's so fun for the guests who may not know you so well to get to know a little more about your life and personality, table names is a great way to not only provide a talking point for the guest tables but to let a story or two about you out as individuals or as a couple. There are so many great ideas, I'm sure you will find one that suits and if you don't- mix it up!




Pictures of either or both of you at the determined number. This could be so cute if you have under 10 tables- interesting if you get into the double digits!



Countries or Cities

Where you have traveled, lived or places that
hold some significance.



Street names

Again of special places perhaps where you have lived, grown up or traveled to.



Special places and spaces

Another way to bring in special places you have visited or perhaps places from your own city. This could be something as small as the park where you walk your dog every evening to the Eiffel Tower where he proposed!



Significant numbers

These could be the number of years you have been together, the number of months you were engaged, the number of your house, the age of your child or pet.



Anniversary letters

Get your guests to write you notes or advice to open on the anniversary that corresponds to the table number.




From past and present-if you have enough! A great idea for animal lovers.



Songs, albums, artists or concerts/festivals

From your favourite songs that hold special meaning to your relationship to the names of both your favourite artists or even the ticket stubs to your favourite concerts or festivals.



Musical instruments or brands

For the musicians; a table list full of instruments or
a range of brands.



Favourite authors or books

From childhood favourites or those you have read over and over, a few books or authors as your table names could give your guests a little insight into your reading habits.



Movies or Actors

For the movie buffs a list of all your favourites
including a little intro as to why.



Movie couples

For the romantics how about a movie couples list like Noah & Allie, Jack and Rose...or Gatsby and Daisy!



Tv shows or characters

Maybe TV is your thing so you could do the same and list off your favourite shows or characters.



Classic fairy tale or storybook characters

Perhaps a few of your favourite Disney princesses or Brothers Grimm heroes.




The idea of naming your tables after your
favourite board or card games would be just too cute.




For the comic buffs a list of your favourite or not so favourite and why could make for a great icebreaker for your guest tables.



Theatrical shows/musicals

Bit of a theater-goer? Why not name your tables after shows you have seen or loved- or been a part of?



Favourite foods, meals, drinks

Perhaps meals that you have shared or cook for each other- definitely something for the foodies.



Restaurants, pubs or cafes

Another foodie favourite is restaurants, pubs or cafes, perhaps where you went on your first date, had your engagement party, celebrated your anniversary etc.




Another bride favourite is the herbs, I love that with this one you can incorporate the actual item in with your centrepeices.




The flower lovers here would adore this idea of naming your tables after your favourite flowers, like the herbs you may be able to incorporated said flowers into your centrepeices.




Oh the limits are endless here, could be a list of birds, fish for the fisherman, farm animals for the farmers or a list of exotic animals you have traveled far to visit.



Science elements

For the scientists out there- these look pretty cool and are super educational!




Perhaps your table name could consist of a favourite inspirational or love quote.


Tips: It's always nice to elaborate a little and tell a sentace about the name and why it's significant.

Choose to place the names at tables that have guests that may be able to learn something new about you.

Accompany with photos if appropriate.There are no rules and most couples have different loves and interests so feel free to mix it up with a few favourite things.