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Still need to decide on your wedding favours? 

A wedding favour is the little gift you get at your place setting at a wedding or important event. They are meant as a 'thank you' to each guest for making the effort to come and join in your special day. Traditionally favours were a little bag or box of sugared almonds or chocolates but these days you will find favours in all sorts of forms. When choosing a favour you need to think about how it will look on the table, make sure it is something that everyone will like and will be easily transported from your table to your guests home,  probably via their handbag!Have a look at some popular options...

Happy planning!

Eat now favours...

The traditional sugared almonds are the ultimate tradition favour but are rarely seen in the modern day wedding.


These little fortune cookies are so cute and could be done to match any theme- a great talking piece for guests too.


Chocolate hearts are always a favourite- who doesn't like chocolate right?



Macaron favours- yum!

Wedding Styling (5)


Lollipop favors- so cute



Iced biscuits to suit your theme will impress your guests



You can also get personalised labels for your mint tins


For the home favors...

Jams and preserves


Making your own vanilla extract is really easy and you can really personalise it like these with a cute 'Love is Sweet' label.


Infused Salt Favours- so pretty.


Candle favours are also really popular


Living Favours...

Love these herb favours- not a good idea if your guests are from out of town or overseas.537941350.jpg

If you do want a living favour but have out of town guests- a little pocket of seeds is a lovely idea.


Plants & trees- gifts that last a lifetime

Practical Favours...

Anything from bottle stoppers...


If you want a bottle opener as a wedding favour- this antique key is practical and stylish.569039161.jpg

Coasters are not something I would jump to straight away but I LOVE these DIY coasters that were stamped with quotes and bundled in stacks of 12.

152239745.JPG a grater! "A grate love."


Comical or Quirky...

Drink cooler.


We add up calculator- funny or tacky?