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The Big Vs Small Wedding- What’s right for you?


There’s only really two questions to ask yourself when considering going big or small on your wedding day. What do you want? and What can you afford? It would be a bit boring and not very helpful if I left it there so I’ll go into a few more details to help you decide what is right for you and a few ideas about how you can achieve a great day no matter what path you take.

First decide what you want, forget the money, forget the family what do YOU and your fiancé want? Do you want a big all the frills day or a small intimate celebration? At the end of the day it is your wedding and you should have it the way you want it, what makes you happy and comfortable.

Now you have decided what kind of day you want you need to consider the following before going ahead…

Money Money Money

Weddings are expensive, generally speaking, but they don’t have to be. If you want the big day but you don’t have the budget you can still pull it off but you will have to compromise, do a lot of DIY and ask for help. There are great things you can do on a budget and the key is to research and plan, research and plan. Don’t impulse buy, stick to your plan.


If your parents or other family are contributing to the wedding financially they may have more of a say in the planning of the wedding. You need to establish this early on.

Guest List

This will hugely affect your wedding size, obviously, and your budget.  It’s not a bad idea to mock up a guest list before making any decisions because often there are a lot more guests than you first realise. People are pretty understanding if you say you are having a small close family and friends wedding or you can consider inviting some to the ceremony only.

Remember it’s only one day and although it’s a wonderful way to celebrate and share your love with your friends and family it should be something that fits with you and doesn’t leave you in a mountain of debt. 

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