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The Sustainable Soiree

Being 'green' and living a sustainable life is not something that I am overly active with but I do like to feel like I do my part (like recycling) even if it is small. When it comes to weddings and events thinking of how to incorporate 'green' elements would have scared me a few years ago but now I realise that there are lots of ways to do this without extra cost or difficultly. I know for some this style of living is a very important part of life and their weddings are no exception.
Besides adding some of these elements into your day is not only 'green' but right on trend!

Happy Planning!
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Your engagement ring is generally the first purchase you will make and if you are buying a new diamond ring you will want to ask your jeweller if the diamond is ethically sourced.



Location is important for a green wedding for many reasons, you will want to minimise your guests travel getting to the wedding and also from your ceremony to your reception so having the two at the one location is a plus.



Invitations and all those décor items for your reception can be made from recycled materials or upcycled. It’s on trend to use old jars and vintage items so that’s a bonus! Love these seeded paper invites- what a fab idea!

Use flowers from your own garden and/or lots of foliage you can source from your garden, your friend’s garden or… the side of the road! A nice idea after the wedding is to donate flowers to a local rest home or hospital.
You can choose sustainable fabrics such as silk, bamboo or organic cotton for your gown and bridal party attire.
Use local, organic and seasonal food and ensure that scraps will be composted and leftovers arranged to be donated to a local shelter.
Register for gifts at a fair-trade store or ask your guests to donate to charity or to a good cause like Gift 4 Life. 
Use soy based or beeswax candles.



Use local suppliers and vendors.



Serve organic beer and wine.



Use natural items as place names etc such as pebbles, leaves, fruit, bark.



Give favours your guests can use such as dried herbs in a recycled paper bag.