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Tips & How-to’s on Arranging your Wedding Seating Plan

Tips on how to arrange your seating plan

  • Remember like with like, you want your guests to feel comfortable and know others at their table but it’s also good to have half of the table from another group. Choose guests that you think will get along well.
  • Are you having children with their parents or at a children’s table? Arrange for someone (maybe teenager) to be seated at that table to watch over the children.
  • If you are seating a guest who doesn't know anyone and is a little shy put them next to someone who is easy to get along with and approachable.
  • Place guests that do not get along far away from each other.
  • Think of each guest as you are grouping them. Is this person freshly divorced with no date sitting at a table with a bunch of happily married couples? Uh oh!

How to do it…

  1. Print your guest’s names on a piece of paper with enough space to cut between, putting couples together. If you want to get tricky you could print immediate family on one colour, extended family on another, friends and so on to help you group.
  2. Cut your names so you can easily move them around, you will move them several times.
  3. Put them into groups, mothers, fathers and siblings of the bride and groom/friends from work/friends from school/brides side of the family/grooms side of the family etc
  4. Take each group and start putting them into tables, e.g. groups of 10 if that’s what your table’s seat.
  5. Review and move, review and move. Consider the tips above.
  6. On each table place a guest with someone they know on one side and a stranger you think they will get along with on the other.
  7. Arrange the tables so the important guests are near the bridal table (immediate family.)
  8. Ask someone who also knows your guests well to look over your seating arrangements. 

I hope you found this helpful. Watch out for the next blog; ‘Seating your Wedding Guests- Your Options.’

Happy Planning!