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To glove or not to glove?

Gloves are creeping their way back into popularity in the wedding scene but are they for you? Here's a few things to consider...
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The Style

There are many styles of wedding gloves and you will need to consider your style of gown and type of wedding, you want the overall look to flow. For example if your dress contains lace details, lace gloves will complement nicely however a beach wedding probably wouldn't suit long satin gloves.
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The Length

The more formal the wedding the longer the glove! Beach, garden, casual weddings suit short gloves, church, traditional weddings suit a longer glove but you can bend the rules a little.
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The Ring

Depending on your ring and the glove you may be able to get the ring on over your glove OR you could take your gloves off during the ceremony, passing them to your bridesmaid along with your flowers. An easy way to get around this issue is to choose a fingerless glove- if it suits.
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