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Wedding Day Survival Kit

Here is a list of items you may want to assemble for your wedding day in case of emergencies...This list is not an exhaustive one though and depending on your circumstances some things may not be needed.

Tis better to be safe than sorry...

·      Make up Kit (Foundation/Powder/Concealer, Mascara, Blush, Lipstick/Lip-gloss)
·        Small mirror (in case you’re not near a bathroom)
·        Hair spray (for hair and stocking runs)
·        Nail Glue
·        Deodorant
·        Toothpaste
·        Sanitary Items
·        Bobby Pins
·        Extra Stockings (if wearing)
·        Super Glue
·        Needle and Thread
·        Scissors
·        Safety Pins
·        Panadol
·        Breath Mints
·        White Chalk (for dress stains)
·        Band-Aids
·        Nail File
·        Handkerchief/Tissues
·        Lint Brush
·        Mozzie Spray (If you’ll be out in the evening)
·        Cellphone
·        Driver’s License
·        Cash
·        Water Bottle
·        Umbrella
·        List of important phone numbers