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Wedding Dress Trains


The Sweep or Brush Train

The brush train is only a few inches longer than the front hem so it just brushes the ground. It fits with most dresses, styles and occasions so is the most versatile.


The Court Train

The court train is slightly longer than the brush, extending approximately 3 feet from the waist.



The Chapel Train

The most common train is the Chapel train extending 4-5 feet from the waist, giving the bride a feeling of grandeur without having to lug too much fabric about.


The Cathedral Train

The Cathedral Train extends 7 or more feet from the waist and usually has a busting option. A train like this will require some assistance during the ceremony and photos.



The Royal Train

The Royal Train extends anywhere from 10 feet from the waist. A very serious train usually only seen in the most grand of weddings.


The Watteau Train

This type of train is attached to the top of the dress or upper back and finishes usually at the bottom hemline or further to sweep across the floor.