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Monthly Archives: May 2012

Love Shoes! Our favourite wedding shoes…

What girl doesn't love shoes? We are so lucky to be spoilt for choice with wedding shoes these days and it's easy to find something unique that suits everybody's different styles and tastes.'s some shoe inspiration!       
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Seating your Wedding Guests- Your Options

Here are the 3 common options when it comes to seating your wedding guests at the reception and the good and bad points of them all…  Seating Charts √          Seating charts are great because guests can find their name on the chart and take themselves to their tables at their leisure. X      …
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Tips & How-to’s on Arranging your Wedding Seating Plan

Tips on how to arrange your seating plan Remember like with like, you want your guests to feel comfortable and know others at their table but it’s also good to have half of the table from another group. Choose guests that you think will get along well. Are you having children with their parents or…
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Top 5 Tips on being the Perfect Guest

I thought it was time to turn around from host to guest in this blog so I am writing about how to be the perfect guest. These top 5 tips to being the perfect guest may be obvious to many of us but it’s always good to be reminded from time to time so here…
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