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Category Archives: Bridal Party

6 Tips On Giving A Successful & Memorable Speech

The thought of giving a speech can be the stuff of nightmares, I know this to be true for myself. The pressure to pull off a heartfelt, funny and memorable speech and not falling flat is seriously intimidating. Here are our top tips to ensuring that your speech is all that and a bag of…
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Best ‘Will You Be My Bridesmaid’ Ideas

You wouldn't be able to say no if you were asked to be a bridesmaid through one of these awesome methods. Something for everyone from the helpful to the humorous. A gorgeous treasure box full of wedding details and inspiration is a great way to ask your maids to not only be part of the…
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Coolest Photoshopped Wedding Pictures

One recent trend weve been seeing around wedding blogs and social media sites lately is the old and usually tacky BUT now updated 'let's photoshop something into our wedding photo' photo. We've come some way with creative photoshop additions and just so you can appreciate the awesomeness of the following photoshopped wedding images we will show you…
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14 Things your flower girl can do/carry/wear down the aisle

Ribbon Wands So easy to make and customise to your wedding colours and bonus, a neat keepsake for after the wedding. Giant Balloon Something a bit different and quirky- perfect for a garden ceremony. Flag A flag printed with a saying of your choice is something a little bit different. Sign The now becoming a…
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Congrats Your A Bridesmaid! Now What The Heck Are You In For?

First of all you should feel so honored to be asked to be a bridesmaid, only the lucky few get chosen. This doesn't however mean that you cant respectfully decline. Some people just don't like the spotlight and your friend will understand. Let them know early though so they can get a replacement, once your…
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7 Bridesmaids You Need In Your Wedding Party

The Wedding Planner We all have that friend- I am that friend! Someone organised who knows what to do, writes you lists and gets grumpy at you when you haven't booked something you were supposed to. The Voice Of Reason Wedding Planning can be pretty stressful, you need a bridesmaid who you can bounce ideas…
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Flower girl dresses- our picks

If anyone was to steal the show from the bride it would be the flower girl/s! They are just so adorable all dolled up in their pretty dresses and when they make their way down the aisle you just never know what could happen!  Here are some lovely and different dresses to delight and inspire…
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Deciding on your bridesmaids style?

Last post we gave some great tips on how to shop for your wedding dress so we thought it only 'fitting' (que laugh) to talk about bridesmaids dresses next, in particular the different options you can choose, from traditional to trending.enjoy x Block Colour The most traditional style of bridesmaids dresses is the uniform block colour look.…
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8 Steps to an Epic Hen’s Night

Generally the Maid of Honor or Bridesmaids plan the hen’s night. A hen’s night should be a fun and laid back event where the bride feels relaxed and can let loose a little before the big day, getting rid of all that wedding planning stress. It shouldn’t be an opportunity for the hosts to make…
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