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Donut Walls

Donut walls are hugely popular overseas, and now you can get them in  Auckland too!  Our handmade donut wall comes with a sign and holds 70-210 exquisite donuts, we can customise them to fit with any colour scheme too! The donuts themselves are like no other donuts you have had before, they are handmade from…
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What’s Hot in Twenty Sixteen? – This Years Wedding Trend Guide

This years biggest trends have been emerging for some time but were about to see them being taken to a whole new level as couples embrace the unknown and just go for it. Were stepping a little away from DIY and finding the perfect balance between rustic & glam and vintage & modern. 2016 your'e going…
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Coolest Photoshopped Wedding Pictures

One recent trend weve been seeing around wedding blogs and social media sites lately is the old and usually tacky BUT now updated 'let's photoshop something into our wedding photo' photo. We've come some way with creative photoshop additions and just so you can appreciate the awesomeness of the following photoshopped wedding images we will show you…
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8 Brides That Rocked A Coloured Frock Better Than The Celebrites

A trend seeping it's way into the wedding industry over recent years has been the wearing of a wedding dress...that...isn't...WHITE! Can you belive it? I can! It's not often in life we 'normal' gals get to wear amazing and crazy expensive and possibly custom made dresses and if tradition wasn't so tied to white, just…
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Hottest New Wedding Songs for the 2014-2015 Summer Season

There are some fantastic classics to walk down the aisle to or to choose for your first dance as husband & wife but to mix it up we wanted to delve into recent releases that would fit perfectly into a wedding day song list. I think it's awesome to choose at least one song that was released the…
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Twenty Fourteen. Trends Continued… Colour Palettes.

2014 is bringing with it some fabulous colour palettes from rich regal colors to soft blushes & bright bolds. Can't wait to see upcoming weddings in these shades!! Royal & Regal- Emeralds, Deep Reds, Royal Blue, Rich Purple, Gold        Dreamy Romance- Blush, Grey, Peach, Silver, Coral    Fresh & Simple- Green, mint    Fun…
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Celebrity Wedding Dresses

The trend-setting Sarah Burton dress Kate Middleton wore for the big royal wedding. Chelsea Clinton in her timeless Vera Wang wedding dress. Giambattista Valli designed this pink frothy dress for Jessica Biel. Anne Hathaway's Valentino bridal gown with blush pink train. We all love (some of us secretly) to nosy into the lives of celebrities,…
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New Trends- Feathers in Weddings

Feathers are the next big thing in wedding trends and when done right can look great. We hope you enjoy these images we have sourced that showcase feathers at their best.Using feathers in your wedding? We suggest using feathers in moderation in a couple of areas only, don't go overboard. Either a feather place setting or a centerpiece etc.…
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Love Shoes! Our favourite wedding shoes…

What girl doesn't love shoes? We are so lucky to be spoilt for choice with wedding shoes these days and it's easy to find something unique that suits everybody's different styles and tastes.'s some shoe inspiration!       
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