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9 Bouquet Types For Your Bridal Bouquet

Choosing the right style of bouquet is a pretty important decision and one that considers your dress, your venue and your overall feel of the day. Check out your options below...


A small usually tight round bouquet that can be held in one hand. Often wired and light to hold. Posy's are perfect for bridesmaids, flower girls or those brides that like to keep things simple.



Nosegay or Tussie Mussie

The nosegay was originally filled with herbs or fragrant flowers to mask unpleasant odors or that contained symbolic flowers/foliage. Tussie Mussies were placed in a cone like vase. These days nosegay bouquets come in all shapes and sizes but usually contain an abundance of foliage.



This bouquet contains long stemmed flowers or sometimes a single bloom that is cradled in the carriers arm.


The posy's big sister the round has the same structured look but larger in size suitable for formal weddings.


Loose Hand-Tied

A popular look at this time is the loose hand-tied bouquets consisting of open blooms, trailing foliage and a hand-picked from the garden feel.


A bouquet made from wiring hundreds of petals together to make the bouquet look like one large flower. Wow that's alot of work!


The Pomander or Kissing Ball

A ball of tight even blooms hanging by a ribbon loop, popular with flower girls.


Cascading Bouquet

This bouquet is round at the top and tapers down the front of the brides dress. Usually foliage makes up the trailing section of the bouquet and we have seen this style in small delicate fashions to so oversized they touch the floor!



These bouquets are made using one type of flower in the centre in the shape of a circle with traditionally concentric circles of other colours/blooms around or some other such pattern where the same blooms are clustered together in a pattern.