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Monthly Archives: July 2012

Top Ten Tips to a Successful Marriage

So much talk about weddings, how to plan the perfect day, how to enjoy it and capture it but have you gone to the same effort to ensure your marriage will live up to the same ideals as your wedding day? Time to get real! These days many couples think life will be no different…
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New Trends- Feathers in Weddings

Feathers are the next big thing in wedding trends and when done right can look great. We hope you enjoy these images we have sourced that showcase feathers at their best.Using feathers in your wedding? We suggest using feathers in moderation in a couple of areas only, don't go overboard. Either a feather place setting or a centerpiece etc.…
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Common Misconceptions on Wedding Planners

Were busting some of the top myths of Wedding Planners...right here, right now!   Wedding planners will take over the wedding and I won’t get any say…  There’s no truth in that (well there shouldn’t be!) A role of a wedding planner is to create YOUR wedding using YOUR ideas. They will certainly guide you, put…
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The Big Vs Small Wedding- What’s right for you?

There’s only really two questions to ask yourself when considering going big or small on your wedding day. What do you want? and What can you afford? It would be a bit boring and not very helpful if I left it there so I’ll go into a few more details to help you decide what is right…
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