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What NOT To Do When Writing Your Thank You Cards

You may be well over wedding planning by the time the day finally rolls around but your job as bride and groom is not over until those thank you cards are in the post! A few thank you card dont's to help you on your way...


Don't...Leave it too long

1-2 months post wedding is acceptable especially if you have been on a honeymoon, any longer and it comes across as an after-thought.


Don't...Write a generic message

It's a bit of a etiquette no-no to write a generic 'thank you for the gift' in your thank you card, make sure you reference the item that person/couple gave and if possible something that you like about it. If they gave money it's nice for them to know what it might be going towards.


Don't...Thank them for the wrong gift

This is why it's a good idea to write a list of who gave what when opening your presents or write the gift on the back of their card.


Don't... Forget to mention their help

Like they say it takes a village to raise a child, it takes an army to plan a wedding. Make sure you point out any specfic tasks your close friends and family did to help in your thank you card.


Don't...Neglect your close family and bridal party

You may think that of course they will know you appreciated their gift but it doesn't hurt to include those closest to you with this warm tradition.