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Monthly Archives: August 2014

8 ways to include children in your wedding ceremony

Many couples want their kids or families kids involved their special day, especially those having second weddings and are bringing together kids from another family. Here are 8 ways to include special little people in your wedding ceremony. 1.  Ring Bearer- A lovely traditional job for a young boy and one that always makes the…
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Read this before booking your venue or buying your dress

Wedding planning- we are all experts by the end of it and this is usually because we put a foot or two wrong, but we need to plan like experts from day one. It's very hard considering there are just so many things to think about, decisions to make and elements to bring together seamlessly.…
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The Perfect Time Of Day To Get Married

Let's first answer a few questions about your situation... What time is your venue available?  Have you left enough time for set-up? Will you be taking your photos before or after your ceremony?  Either way allow a min of 1 hour (if staying onsite) up to 3 hours. What time does it get dark where…
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