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What are my Responsibilities in the Wedding? Traditionally Speaking!

Whether you are a stickler for tradition or just wanting to know how they did it in the old days, this is the article for you. Keep in mind, we are talking responsibilities in the traditional sense, these days there are no rules, but it never hurts to understand tradition and wedding etiquette, so here…
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3 Requirements Your’ll Need To Plan Your Own Wedding

Planning a wedding is a big job. Like many couples you may want to give it a crack yourself, if you have these 3 qualities you will be just fine. Time They say it takes at least 250 hours to plan a wedding. Once your've been through it, your'll know that to be true. These days…
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Pam & Jason’s Lively Hotel Wedding

Pam & Jason were such a delightful couple that were with us for 2 years! We had one change in venue and one child in that time, a delightful little boy who was a big part of the celebrations. Pulling together a seamless wedding was the biggest want the couple had, especially as they had…
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Jessica & Andrew’s Powder Blue & Wine Love Affair

Feburary 2016 Jessica & Andrew were married at the beautiful Ascension Wine Estate, in the vineyard on a glorious sunny day. Their look had a modern edge with fresh lace aspects and a powder blue & wine colour palette. The ceremony site was simple, a few of our wooden signs and some fresh flowers hanging…
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5 things to consider before shopping your wedding dress

1. Budget I've said it before, I'll say it again- ALWAYS have a budget. Read our top 3 budget tips here. You need to know how much you have to allocate for your dress before you start shopping. So many times Brides completely blow their budget on their dress and find themselves out of pocket when it comes to…
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