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What to consider when having your wedding in a marquee

Having a wedding in a marquee at home or other hired space can be really spectacular but don't think it won't be a lot of work to get it there. We would recommend getting a professional in to help you, even if you think you can organise the wedding and have great ideas, having to coordinate and pull it all together on the day can be chaotic and you should be relaxing and enjoying yourself. If you are looking to do this to save money, come up with a budget very early on because most often than not marquees are more costly. Hopefully this post will shed some light if you are thinking of going down this path and if you need some help or advice flick us an email on

A blank canvas to decorate, with some venues you find you have to decorate to hide pieces, with a marquee you have a clean blank slate to work with.
It can take a lot of decorating and more cost to dress the marquee and get the effect your after.

You can choose any caterer you like and have more opportunity to negotiate with them.
You will need to spend more time getting them familiar with your venue, they will have to bring in and set-up a kitchen and hire outside wait staff as well as equipment such as fridges, ovens, serveware and glassware.

You can buy your own beverages saving a lot of money.
You will need to consider how you will keep everything chilled, where it will be served and staff to serve it.

You can start, finish, leave whenever you want.
You may have problems with noise if you are in a residential area and you will have to clean everything up- but usually that can wait until the next day.

You can do whatever you like, kind of...
You have to hire everything in; flooring, tables, chairs, crockery, glassware etc.

You can set-up whenever you want.
Being outside you are exposed to the elements which can cause problems and you may need to hire security to keep an eye on everything.