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Category Archives: Guests

6 Tips On Giving A Successful & Memorable Speech

The thought of giving a speech can be the stuff of nightmares, I know this to be true for myself. The pressure to pull off a heartfelt, funny and memorable speech and not falling flat is seriously intimidating. Here are our top tips to ensuring that your speech is all that and a bag of…
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How To Be The Bride’s Best Support Person

So... your daughter/ daughter in law/ sister/ best friend/ niece or some lucky lady in your life is getting married and she's going to need a lot of support. You think you are fit for the job? Let's make sure with our 3 must haves to being the Bride's best support person.   Be Available…
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When Is It An Appropriate Time To Take Photos At A Wedding?

With so much talk about 'unplugged' weddings and using wedding hashtags, it can get confusing for guests to know when it is appropriate to take photos on their phones or cameras at a wedding so here it is... DO- BEFORE the ceremony by all means it is appropriate to take photos with other guests or…
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What Your Guests Really Care About While At Your Wedding

Yes your guests notice how extravagant your dress is and how much work went into the flowers and table settings (and so they should!) but are those the things that your guests really care about, are they the elements that stay in their memories after the day has past? After years of observing guests enjoying themselves at…
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What Your’e Guests Are Complaining About At Your Wedding

Don't get me wrong, I'm a big believer in doing your wedding your way but it helps to know what may compromise the guest experience while you are in the planning stages. You want to make sure you are putting your energy and your budget in the right places when it comes to your guests.…
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Top 5 Tips on being the Perfect Guest

  I thought it was time to turn around from host to guest in this blog so I am writing about how to be the perfect guest. These top 5 tips to being the perfect guest may be obvious to many of us but it’s always good to be reminded from time to time so…
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