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Band vs DJ- pros, cons & how to decide




  • They can play all styles of music, all types of songs
  • New material can easily be sourced
  • They can be more affordable
  • They take up less space if you have a tight dance area


  • They're not a band (basically all the pros of the band)




  • They provide more atmosphere
  • Encourage people to dance
  • Can be more personable & interactive
  • You can get a band that suits your style and music taste


  • May not be able to take requests and it can difficult to negotiate learning new songs
  • Can have one sound so may have difficulty pulling off different genres
  • Takes up more space & time to set up
  • More people to feed
  • Usually a deal more expensive

How do I decide?????

    • Go for what suits your ideals, your taste and your budget
    • Go and listen to both to see the difference
    • Choose a band or dj that specialises in weddings
    • Before booking listen to said band or dj perform and read their reviews
    • Think about your space- is it too small and closed in for a band?
    • Think about your guests- what would suit them? You do want them to get up and dance!
    • Look for someone with charisma, a sense of humor if they will also be acting as the MC or making announcements