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Tasks to give your friends & family to involve them in the wedding

Most of the time when girls get engaged; mum, the best friend, aunty etc etc etc want to be involved and help in the planning.
This can be a hard time for brides to make sure they are making their own decisions but at the same time allowing their nearest and dearest to help and/or influence. Brides are often worried that they don't have enough 'positions' for each of their special friends and family- one can only have so many bridesmaids.
We've compiled a list of different jobs or responsibilities to make sure every special person in your life can be involved in the planning and running of your special day. Remember though that some may feel honored enough just being invited to your wedding, some may not want the responsibility so make sure you get an honest response before handing out these tasks.

List of jobs for your nearest and dearest...

Dress shopping
Budget help
Writing names on invitations
Planning your seating layout
Organising a bridal shower
Planning the rehearsal dinner
Invite a few special people to get ready with the bridal party
Handing out programmes
Having your parents walk into ceremony before the processional
Lighting a remembrance candle
Doing a reading at the ceremony
Being a witness and signing the marriage certificate
Ushering the guests at the reception
Master of Ceremonies
Have them do a speech
Present bouquet to someone instead of throwing it
Make sure that for each person you choose or ask to do a task like this gets a special thank you note.

What jobs/tasks should you not give to your friends and family?

We all have talented friends and family and we may think it would be cost effective or nice to involve their talents in the wedding. Let me tell you I've seen this backfire many times but I've also seen it succeed tremendously. The trick here is to first choose those whose style you like and whose work you have seen. You don't want to be stuck with something less than you expected but then again you can't expect a professional result from someone who isn't a professional. You want to choose jobs that are going to be completed well in advance of the wedding so if need be you can still call on someone else. Some examples that can be done ahead of time are invitations or favours. You don't want to attempt any last minute jobs such as the wedding cake or flowers, if they gone wrong (and I've seen it happen) there is usually no plan b and you may find yourself completely without that element. A wedding without cake! Can't happen!!As a wedding planner we can help you with all these questions and keep on you track during your planning and the big day. Get in touch for a free consultation to discuss your beautiful wedding day.