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Seating your Wedding Guests- Your Options

Here are the 3 common options when it comes to seating your wedding guests at the reception and the good and bad points of them all…

Seating Charts

√          Seating charts are great because guests can find their name on the chart and take themselves to their tables at their leisure.

X         Seating Charts are often in table order, not alphabetical order so guests have to look through all the names to find their own, this can sometimes hold things up when guests are all entering the reception at once.


Escort Cards

√          Escort cards can be placed in alphabetical order so it’s easy for guests for find their card; they also add a decorative feature to your reception.

X         If you are having a large wedding you will need a large table to fit the escort cards, this can take up valuable space. It also takes time to set the cards out perfectly and that can be damaged by a gust of wind etc.



√          Ushers are great because they offer a warm personal welcome to your guests and can get through the crowd and seat them efficiently. Use one to two ushers to greet guests and find their name on the seating sheet and another one or two ushers to seat the guests or point out their table.

X         You will either have to hire ushers or ask family or friends to volunteer- they may or may not love to have that role.


The style and size of the wedding will determine what option will be best for you.

Happy Planning!