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Unplugged Wedding?

Can you remember the times you would go to a wedding and witness that look on the groom's face  when he caught sight of his bride for the first time, heard that line in the vows that made everyone laugh or saw the bride wipe that small tear away as her groom pledged his undying love for…
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What to consider when having your wedding in a marquee

Having a wedding in a marquee at home or other hired space can be really spectacular but don't think it won't be a lot of work to get it there. We would recommend getting a professional in to help you, even if you think you can organise the wedding and have great ideas, having to…
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Band vs DJ- pros, cons & how to decide

DJ Pros They can play all styles of music, all types of songs New material can easily be sourced They can be more affordable They take up less space if you have a tight dance area Cons They're not a band (basically all the pros of the band) Band Pros They provide more atmosphere Encourage…
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Top Ten Tips to a Successful Marriage

So much talk about weddings, how to plan the perfect day, how to enjoy it and capture it but have you gone to the same effort to ensure your marriage will live up to the same ideals as your wedding day? Time to get real! These days many couples think life will be no different…
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8 Steps to an Epic Hen’s Night

Generally the Maid of Honor or Bridesmaids plan the hen’s night. A hen’s night should be a fun and laid back event where the bride feels relaxed and can let loose a little before the big day, getting rid of all that wedding planning stress. It shouldn’t be an opportunity for the hosts to make…
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Seating your Wedding Guests- Your Options

Here are the 3 common options when it comes to seating your wedding guests at the reception and the good and bad points of them all… Seating Charts √          Seating charts are great because guests can find their name on the chart and take themselves to their tables at their leisure. X      …
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Top 5 Tips on being the Perfect Guest

  I thought it was time to turn around from host to guest in this blog so I am writing about how to be the perfect guest. These top 5 tips to being the perfect guest may be obvious to many of us but it’s always good to be reminded from time to time so…
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Old Wedding Customs & Traditions

I  love traditions! I am constantly thinking of my own life and what new customs and traditions I can create for my family. I'm also interested in how traditions began which is what this blog is about. There are many old customs and traditions in the modern day wedding, some of which are derived from…
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